Minnesota moose fastpitch



The MN Moose, based in Blaine, MN is a club softball program partnered with Complete Game Training Center to create the ultimate club team for those looking to take their game to the highest level! The MN Moose is a committed and competitive fastpitch club who compete with the top players locally and nationally. The training and development of these players along with a very competitive game schedule are the highest priorities of this program.

The MN Moose has partnered with Complete Game for their off season training since the first Moose team was formed in 2005. The partnership has grown throughout the years and now the Moose use both facilities (CG1 and CG2) for all their indoor practice and training needs. Many of our Moose staff work as CG instructors and many of our players call CG their second home! The Moose and Complete Game want to put the best coaches and instructors in front of every Moose player so they have the tools they need to develop their game. You will find no better training staff around for player development. No matter what age or level you play at, the Moose and Complete Game want to make you better and reach your full potential as a player!

team structure


A more localized Moose program that incorporates all the quality training, practicing and tournaments the Moose have always offered.

Ages: 12U, 14U, 16U & 18U

Example Regional Tournament Schedule

  • Big Opener (12s & 14s)
  • Lexi Kretsch
  • Lakeville Grand Slam
  • Peppers Classic (Mankato)
  • Top Tier State
  • Nationals (either local or travel based on what's appropriate for the team)


Moose teams that compete in more events involving additional travel to high profile tournaments while also including more off-season training.

Ages: 13U, 14U, 15U & 16U



Example National Tournament Schedule:

  • Lexi Kretsch
  • S&C Summer Showcase
  • Top Gun Patriot (Peoria, IL)
  • Top Tier State
  • USAES World Championship (Des Moines, IA)
  • PGF Nationals (Peoria, IL)


  • 13U/14U - Dan Johnson
  • 15U/16U - Nick Reimler & Greg Zahalka
  • Additional Coaches assigned based on what's appropriate after team formation.  


  • Matt Faulken (Owner, Complete Game; Former College Hitting Coach)
  • Dan Johnson (Current Moose Coach: Former MLB Player Tampa Bay Rays)
  • Nick Reimler & Greg Zahalka (Current Coaches)
  • Jeff Nelsen (Head Coach, Elk River High School)
  • Katie Schober (Complete Game Pitching Director; Former University of Minnesota Pitcher)
  • Jordan Davies (UMD All-American; Former Collegiate Coach)
  • Lauren Nelson (Current Coach; Former Moose player)